Climate change consulting service

Climate change consulting service

There has been rapidly increasing social interest in corporate climate change in recent years. We support the solution of issues that also affect the sustainability of a company and enhance your corporate value.

Climate change consulting services

We provide practical support services for building long-term strategies and planning activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving external evaluations by investors etc., and solving clients’ issues related to climate change.

Examples of climate change consulting services

Planning and developing sustainability and environmental strategies

We will analyze the current status of corporate sustainability and social responsibility, including changes in the external environment, and will develop a strategic vision considering the characteristics of our client companies.

Assessment and calculation of environmental impact such as GHGs in the supply chain

We will evaluate the environmental impact by calculating CO2/GHGs from the supply chain.

CDP/CSR survey response support

We will assist in suggesting appropriate answers to the client’s CDP and CSR surveys.

In-house training support for sustainability

Regarding corporate sustainability and social responsibility, we support practical training so that our clients can realize the strategies and visions they have established. 

Professional translation of sustainability, CSR, ESG

We will provide specialized translations for sending clear messages about corporate strategy visions and initiatives to other countries.