Consideration of environment and society leads to achieving higher profitability.

Propharm Japan Co., Ltd. is a group of professionals who can help you discover solutions to improve your corporate value.


Propharm Japan is a company that provides solutions to increase the corporate value of our customers in the environmental and social fields, mainly in Japan and other Asian countries.

From an environmental and social
activity that only costs money.
To a strategic environmental and social
approach that improves corporate value.

For a company whose ultimate goal is to pursue and provide value for society, the current situation in which activities in the environmental and social fields generally end up with an increased burden on the company are not considered to be sustainable.

As a specialist group in the environmental and social fields considering sustainability from both our customers’ and external viewpoints, we provide services aimed at improving your corporate value.


Our services


Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Sustainability Consulting Service

We provide advice as an occupational health and safety professional body based on global domestic standards so that our customers can create a comfortable and safe work environment.

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*Environment, Health and Safety, Sustainability (EHSS)


Climate change consulting service

We provide practical support services for building long-term strategies and planning activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving external evaluations by investors etc., and solving clients’ issues related to climate change.

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Audit and consulting service in the social field

As a social responsibility to supply chains, it is becoming more common for companies to require audits and self-assessments regarding the Code of Ethics, Human Rights and Labor Laws, etc. We provide such business support services according to the circumstances and requests of each company.

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