Our Solution

Since 2006, with exposure to more than 30 countries around the Asia , we have been providing consulting and sustainability related solutions in environmental, social and business fields from Tokyo, Japan.

Your 3 Benefits through our solutions:

Benefit 1:
Manage RISKS related to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), Sustainability in Japan and Asia through bilingual team
We have full EHS expertise with a solid professional network in more than 20 Asian countries*. You can ensure your legal compliance and its actual implementation status in each country.

Benefit 2:
Create VALUE and Identify COST-REDUCTION opportunity through the sustainability-based approach
We are the leading solution provider in one of the most effective sustainability approach called Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA (ISO 14051)). In Japan, more than 300 companies increase their corporate values through MFCA. our MFCA solutions have contributed to cost-reduction of more than 100 companies and training of more than 2,000 participants. It would be our true pleasure to support your sustainability momentum through the proven approach.

Benefit 3:
Move on to the next growth stage through collaborating with Japan’s local companies with solid environmental technology and/or be exposed to Japan’s latest environmental technology
We consider the technology is another important element to accelerate momentum for the sustainability. We have a strong networks in the environmental industry and are always ready to support overseas companies who are interested in collaboration with the local companies for win-win status.