News Release

2016.09.07 ISO TC 207 meeting was held in Seoul, Korea
2016.05.08 【MFCA Concept Basic -5】 How can we implement MFCA?-2
2016.04.29 【MFCA Concept Basic -4】 What is MFCA-2? and how can we implement MFCA-1?
2016.04.20 【MFCA Concept Basic -3】What is MFCA-1 ?
2016.04.08 Welcomed Mongolian delegation for +1 Tour in Japan
2016.04.02 Latest status on ISO 14052 (Environmental management – Material flow cost accounting – guidance for practical implementation in a supply chain)
2016.04.02 【MFCA Concept Basic -2】How is MFCA is different from conventional way of thinking/approach?
2016.03.30 【MFCA Concept Basic -1】How to make profits through environmental management (Basic of MFCA)
2016.03.28 Sustainability project in Mongolia
2016.03.20 Project Eco Action 21 guideline update – Japanese Ministry of Environment
2016.03.11 Training for internal auditor for environment, health and safety (EHS) management system
2016.03.04 We won APEC project for key environmental performance-enhancement tool!
2015.09.12 Update on ISO 14052 (Material flow cost accounting – Guidance for practical implementation in a supply chain)
2015.09.12 TC 207 plenary meeting in New Delhi – update of revised ISO 14001 and ISO 14052
2015.05.28 ISO 14052, Guidance for practical implementation in a supply chain, Japan Material Flow Cost Accounting, Committee Draft has been approved by vote. Discuss in India meeting, is held this September.
2014.11.25 Latest Status of MFCA Second ISO Standard (Draft for ISO 14052) – Tokyo meeting in November 2014
2014.08.05 Working draft for 2nd MFCA international standard has been circulated.
2014.07.03 Latest Status of MFCA Second ISO Standard
2014.06.12 Our international MFCA activity has been featured in a Japanese news paper
2014.06.06 TC 207 meeting in Panama for ISO 14001 revision, MFCA standard, etc.
2014.05.08 Article published about the company’s MFCA project
2012.01.25 MFCA presentation – Manufacturing and Environmental Management under Low-carbon Economy
2011.10.20 MFCA-related (ISO 14051) Presentation at Eco-products 2011 (December 15th, 2011) by Propharm Japan Co., Ltd.
2011.09.26 ISO14051 (MFCA: Material Flow Cost Accounting) has been published
2011.08.08 The article on ISO of MFCA was published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun – Business Line 8th August 2011
2011.07.11 About MFCA international standardization, substances and trend was published in the August issue of Progress
2011.07.08 Column on MFCA – June-July issue of APO News
2011.07.07 The article on the international standardization of MFCA was published in the first issue of COSME TECH JAPAN 2011
2011.04.26 Material Flow Cost Accounting – Update for international standardization process (ISO14051)
2011.04.13 Sustainability consulting: green production – Material Flow Cost Accounting Project in Malaysia
2011.02.15 What is material flow cost accounting (ISO 14051)?
2010.11.06 Environment, Heatlth and Safety Compliance Audit in Japan
2010.11.06 Presentation at the Ecobalance conferene (November 12, 2010)
2010.06.04 GIN 2010 conference: Sustainability and green growth
2010.05.31 ISO 14000 series trend: ISO 14051 DIS circulated for voting
2010.04.19 This is the trial page for blog to describe historical projects
2010.02.19 HOW can you reduce your carbon emissions and enhance material productivity at the same time???
2010.02.17 Overview of Material Flow Cost Accounting (ISO 14051)
2009.09.05 OECD meeting
2009.04.26 Hello, world!!