Presentation at the Ecobalance conferene (November 12, 2010)

I will make a presentation at the Ecobalance conference. The theme is on overview of ISO 14051 and its potential application to ISO14001.Below is abstract from the submitted paper:


Material flow cost accounting (MFCA), an effective tool in the environmental management accounting, is expected to be International Standard (ISO) by 2012. The standard provides a guideline and general framework of MFCA. Further, the standard is designed to be well-integrated into other environmental management activities (e.g., ISO 14001). Since 2008, ISO/TC207/WG8 has been established and intensively working for standardization of ISO 14501 (Environmental management – Material Flow Cost Accounting – General framework) with 57 experts from 26 countries. Focusing on material losses, MFCA can simultaneously contribute to organizations’ higher economic performance as well as further environmental conservation (e.g., material use and reduction of energy loss) for the sustainably society. Moreover, in the context of the EMS management cycle, the use of MFCA allows an organization to include financial considerations in the evaluation of the significance of its environmental aspects at the planning phase of EMS. The comprehensive knowledge of potential environmental impacts and financial impacts can enhance the quality of the evaluation, providing useful information for decision-making processes.

Keywords: Material Flow Cost Accounting, Sustainable Development, Environment Management Accounting, ISO 14051


The presentation will provide an idea on even more effective implementation of ISO 14001 in use of  ISO 10451.