ISO TC 207 meeting was held in Seoul, Korea

Hiroshi Tachikawa, Managing director attended international meeting of ISO TC 207 for 8 days, from 26th August 2016. He actively atteded the following meetings as an expert from Japan.

The first half :

the meeting of SC4/WG4 ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse gas emissions calculation of the organization)

2016_8_korea_2 2016_8_korea_3

Active discussions were made to update ISO 14064-1.


The latter half: the meeting of WG8 ISO 14052 (Material Flow Cost Accounting=MFCA). That was really big meeting to finalize draft international standard for MFCA’s application to the supply chain.

At the closing plenary, Mr. Tachikawa reported the meeting outcome of WG8. The proposal was made to discuss on additional standards on MFCA’s application to SMEs.